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Colorado Springs Airport - All Information on Colorado Springs Airport (COS)

Colorado Springs Airport (COS) Colorado Springs Airport (COS)

Colorado Springs Airport

7770 Milton E Proby Parkway Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
+1 719 550 1900
+1 719 550 1976 (Lost + Found)
Colorado Springs Airport - All Information on Colorado Springs Airport (COS)

City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport (IATA, FAA LID: COS, ICAO: KCOS), also known as Colorado Springs Airport, is a city-owned public-military airport 6 miles or approximately 10km southeast of downtown Colorado Springs in El Paso County, United States.

The airport is known to be the second busiest commercial service airport in the state after Denver International Airport. It has an elevation of 6,187 feet or 1,886 meters Above the Mean Sea Level (AMSL).

The airport covers 7,200 acres or 2,900 hectares of land and has three paved runways.

It has one terminal with two concourse levels. An enormous concourse is utilized for commercial flights, which houses 12 gates. However, the second concourse contains gates 14 to 18, now mainly used for meetings and a hub for Western Pacific Airlines.

Access between the concourses requires leaving the security area because there is no public access to these gates. Along with the declaration of adding 12 aircraft gates to the existing terminal, the airport plans to demolish gates 14–18, as they are not needed.

History of Colorado Springs Airport

In 1927 the airport opened a 260 hectares airstrip, 7 miles east of Colorado Springs, with two gravel runways. In the first ten years of the airport, several small airline companies operated a mail route from Wyoming, Cheyenne, to Pueblo, Colorado, with stops at Denver and Colorado Springs.

In 1937, Continental Airlines started serving Denver and El Paso, Texas, with stops at Colorado Springs, Pueblo, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe.

In 1942, the first terminal building was designed in an art deco style. Soon after, the military took over the field in the months preceding World War II. During post-war, the city regained control of the facility.

In 1943, Braniff Airways also began service between the Denver-Colorado Springs-Pueblo-Amarillo route. At Amarillo, flights would continue to Oklahoma City, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, Tulsa, and Little Rock.

In 1966, a new terminal was established on the west portion of the runways. This terminal was then expanded in the 1980s with six additional gates.

In 1991, Colorado Springs approved a new terminal two miles east of the former airfield.

On October 22, 1994, the 280,000 sq. ft. terminal opened, having 12 gates. The Van Sant Group designed the airport, costing $140 million. Also, in the 1990s, a second, five-gate concourse was added on the main terminal's east side.

In 1996, the 1941-passenger terminal, two aircraft hubs, and a caretaker residence on Peterson Air Force Base were inscribed and included on the National Register of Historic Places. They now form the campus of the Peterson Air and Space Museum.

The complimentary airport tried to expand its service from the 1980s to the present. It was also known that in 1996 the most significant number of passengers was nearly 5 million when Western Pacific Airlines was still operating at Colorado Springs Airport. However, in the late months of the same year, the airline mentioned above moved quarters to Denver International Airport.

Their timetable for June 15 shows 33 departures daily to about 20 airports traversing the west coast and Newark and Washington Dulles. In 2010, Frontier Airlines also added and dropped various routes from Colorado Springs.

In October 2020, Southwest Airlines announced that they would begin serving the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport in 2021. They also conducted their first flights from Denver International Airport to Colorado Springs and vice versa on March 11, 2021.

In May 2021, the airport started a pavement rehabilitation project. The upgrades include new asphalt, additional lighting, and navigation equipment. In November of the same year, the airport administration also announced that the main concourse housing gates 1 to 12 will undergo a $10–$20 million renovation and be completed in three to five years.

In March 2022, the Colorado Springs Airport revealed a plan to expand the facility. The airport administration aims to multiply the number of gates from 12 to 24, relocate the control tower, consolidate airport data, and organize airport services.

Transfer Services at Colorado Springs Airport

There are various transfer services in Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, such as

Car rentals, rideshares, limousines, taxis, shuttles, and buses.

Inbound and outbound passengers may choose among the transportation mentioned above for easy and convenient travel within Colorado and other far-flung areas.

Inbound and outbound passengers are always recommended to check their personal belongings whenever enplaning and deplaning. Knowing what items are allowed for hand-carry and check-in baggage is a must. Also, securing personal belongings before and after boarding the aircraft is a must.

Rental Car Services at Colorado Springs Airport

Car Rental Services are accessible at Colorado Springs Airport.

Car Rental counters are directly located in the Baggage Claim Area. See and compare all rental car companies at Colorado Springs Municipal Airport.

It is recommended for passengers to pre-book their vehicles before arriving at the airport for convenience.

Passengers may download the car rental company's application on their smart devices to book online.

The renter must provide a valid driver's license or an international driver's license permit and be 21 years old and above. Renters ages 21 to 27 will pay an underage surcharge of $25.00 to $30.00.

Renters must also complete the rental agreement form before picking up their rented car. Most cars for rent are already parked on-site.

Renters must also be credit and debit cardholders to pay the rental. However, rental rates may vary depending upon the car agency and the selected vehicle.

Ride Shares at Colorado Springs Airport

Rideshare transport services have been serving Colorado Springs Municipal Airport. However, they are available upon pre-booking by downloading the company's application on your smartphone or any device.

Lyft and Uber are two famous ride-sharing companies accepting passenger transfers to and from Colorado Springs Airport.

Choosing the right vehicle size for luggage and considering other passengers when booking rideshare is a must.

Also, note that rideshare rates may vary depending upon the company, the chosen vehicle size, and the passenger's point of destination.

Taxis at Colorado Springs Airport

Taxi cabs are available for transfer service to and from Colorado Springs Municipal Airport. They are accessible and can only pick up and drop off passengers at the ground transportation area outside the terminal building.

The airport is approximately 13 miles or 20 minutes drive to Downtown Colorado Springs and vice versa via Milton E Proby Parkway and I-25 N, the fastest route.

The estimated minimum taxi fare from the airport to downtown Colorado Springs ranges from $35.00 to $50.00. See more information about taxis at Colorado Springs Municipal Airport.

Taxi fares may vary depending on the area's traffic condition.

Buses at Colorado Springs Airport

Bus transfer services to and from Colorado Springs Municipal Airport are accessible at the ground transportation area outside the terminal building.

Mountain Metro Transit (MMT) provides buses at the airport. Bus passengers may purchase tickets online by downloading MMT's application or the company's official website.

Fare boxes are also provided inside the bus; thus, it accepts bills and coins. However, it is advised for passengers to prepare the exact amount to pay upon boarding. Neither the bus driver nor the fare box can provide change. More information about buses to and from Colorado Springs Municipal Airport.

The one-way regular bus fare is $1.75.

Trains at Colorado Springs Airport

A passenger train for public transit is unavailable at Colorado Springs. More information about train services near Colorado Springs Municipal Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Colorado Springs Airport

Hotel Shuttles are allowed and available to pick up and drop off passengers at the ground transportation area of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport. However, it is recommended for passengers to pre-book their shuttle services to their respective hotel before they arrive at the airport.

Non-hotel shuttles also serve the airport. However, corresponding rates may apply depending upon the passenger's negotiation with the service provider.

Parking at Colorado Springs Airport

Colorado Springs Airport provides Short-Term and Long-Term Car Parks for customers.

However, parking rates vary depending upon the customer's chosen car park area, vehicle size, duration of stay inside the facility, and other special parking services.

The parking rate at the airport starts at $1.00 per ½ hour. See more information about short and long term parking at Colorado Springs Municipal Airport.

Other Services at Colorado Springs Airport

WiFi at Colorado Springs Airport

Complimentary WiFi Service is provided for customers. Connect your smart device to the "flyCOS" network, disable any encryption, and acknowledge the Airport Splash page when it appears in the browser window.

Hotspot connections are available in the following areas within the airport premises:

  • The entire main concourse
  • The Security Screening check-point
  • The fireplace area located on top of the main escalators
  • The baggage claim area both on the east and west side between baggage carousels

ATMs at Colorado Springs Airport

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are located on the first and second levels of the terminal.

Currency exchange at Colorado Springs Airport

Foreign currency exchange services are unavailable inside the airport terminal.

Nursing Stations at Colorado Springs Airport

A lactation or breastfeeding room is available for nursing mothers at the post-security area across gate 5.

Comfortable seats, power outlets, a sink, and a changing table are provided inside the room.

Restrooms at Colorado Springs Airport

Restrooms are available in pre-and post-security areas of the airport terminal.

Food and Beverages at Colorado Springs Airport

Restaurants and food courts are available on the airport terminal's first and second concourse levels.

Smoking at Colorado Springs Airport

Smoking is not allowed within the airport terminal; however, designated smoking areas are outside the terminal building.

Pet-Relief Area at Colorado Springs Airport

A pet-relief area is available on the main concourse near gate 8.

Lost and Found Section at Colorado Springs Airport

Colorado Springs Municipal Airport has lost and found facilities that serve passengers and receive concerns about their missing items.

Passengers should contact their respective airlines for items left or lost on the aircraft.

For items left or lost at the security-screening area, please contact the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Lost and Found Facility at +1 719 591 3108 or +1 719 622 5979.

For items left or missing within the airport terminal, parking lot, or airport shuttle buses, please contact the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) unit at +1 719 550 1987. The Airport Police Office is located at the lower level of the terminal.

Airport Communication Center at Colorado Springs Airport

The airport's Information center is directly located on the ground floor, near the baggage claim area, across the escalator.

Baggage Claim at Colorado Springs Airport

The Baggage Claim Area is located at the Arrivals Area, specifically on the ground floor of the airport terminal.

Baggage carts are available for $6.00 with a $.25 refund upon returning them to the storage rack.

Disabled Passengers at Colorado Springs Airport

Colorado Springs Municipal Airport provides disabled-friendly facilities that would give convenience to Persons with Disabilities or Reduced Mobility.

Airport parking lots, elevators, restrooms, restaurants, retail shops, and security areas are well equipped with facilities to accommodate individuals with special needs.

For airport passengers requiring special needs such as wheelchair assistance and other necessities, please contact your respective airline provider ahead of time or from a skycap at the ticketing counters.

Colorado Springs Airport Contacts

Address: 7770 Milton E Proby Parkway Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States 80916

General Phone: +1 719 550 1900

Lost and Found Phone: +1 719 550 1976

Official website:

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 120V/60Hz

Plug: A and B

Currency: U.S. Dollar, Dollar, $

WiFi at Airport: Passengers may avail of the airport's complimentary WiFi through the "flyCOS" network.

Services at Colorado Springs Airport

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